Far Afield and Close to Home

In this issue of Doctorpopeye, I examine one restaurant in the midtown area and one restaurant south of Dallas’ “equator,” so to speak.

Javier’s Gourmet Mexicano Restaurant – 4912 Cole Avenue, Dallas, TX 75205

Javier’s is the most up-scale Mexican restaurant in which I have ever eaten. It surpasses even RJ’s in the West End. Javier’s is decorated in a hunting lodge style complete with a taxidermy bear. Though this is an unusual choice for a Mexican restaurant, Javier’s carries out the concept well. The food at Javier’s is expensive, but the service, flavor, and quality of ingredients more than make up for the hefty price tag. Expect to spend upwards of $30 per person. Upon completion of the meal, guests may retire to the cigar lounge. The selection of cigars is acceptable, though prices are noticeably higher than retail. The cigar bar is comfortably furnished in a lounge style with leather couches and chairs bordering on opulence. Fully stocked bar.

8.5/10.Javier's on Urbanspoon

7 Spices – 3806 E. Broad Street, Mansfield, TX 76063

Situated in a shopping center which is difficult to locate by address and poorly illuminated, 7 Spices serves some of the best Asian cuisine to be had anywhere in the Metroplex, and the prices are sensible, too. 7 Spices offers many varieties of  gỏi cuốn, a personal favorite, as well as many other Vietnamese and Thai dishes. The pros: the food is excellent, the prices are good, and the staff are friendly. The cons: location, location location. 7 Spices is located so far from the center of the Metroplex that it’s unlikely many of my regular readers will ever get a chance to try the food. Also, some members of the wait-staff don’t seem to know exactly what they’re meant to be doing. One gets the feeling that the staff are trying their best, but get flustered by simple details like making sure each table has adequate silverware.  Another location-related drawback to this establishment is size. The strip mall unit in which this restaurant is located feels like a cramped shoe box.



~ by doctorpopeye on October 26, 2010.

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