Men don’t eat quiche.

Cafe J – 2605 19th Street, Lubbock, TX 79401

When I was invited to Sunday brunch by one of my female friends I didn’t know quite what to think. On the one hand, brunch is typically expensive and bland. On the other hand, brunch usually means there will be bacon. I said yes.  As it turned out, my suspicions were erroneous on both counts. Cafe J serves a formidable panoply of fare including brunch classics such as quiche and eggs benedict, as well as more interesting options like chile rellenos, and chicken and waffles. The bloody marys are a great value at only 3 dollars, and are served at the optimum level of spice and potency. Dishes range from $9 to $14, which is on par with comparable options. (Benedict’s in Addison springs to mind.) The decor at Cafe J is excellent, and the service is quick, helpful, and affable. Cafe J is also open for lunch, dinner, and cocktails.


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~ by doctorpopeye on July 13, 2011.

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