New Kid on The Block

2322 – 2322 Mac Davis Lane, Lubbock, TX 79401

For those unfamiliar, 2322 is the hotel restaurant at The Overton Hotel. The Overton, a hotel and conference center, is a recent addition to the Lubbock skyline, and is located on the east side of University Avenue near Jones SBC Stadium. The food at 2322 was served quickly and presented beautifully. The bone-in ribeye was prepared to my exact expectations (medium rare with a warm red (not pink) center) and was seasoned par excellence. The grilled baby asparagus were served al dente and complimented the other elements on the plate both visually and gustatorially. My favorite touch, though was that instead of boring steak fries or mashed potatoes, the bone-in ribeye was served with Kartoffelsalat kissed with a spicy vinegar sauce. The wine list at 2322 is more than adequate by local standards and would be adequate at a fine hotel in a larger metropolitan area such as Dallas or Austin. Dinner entrees at 2322 cost an average of  $4 less than dinner entrees at Cafe J, the only restaurant which is comparable both geographically and in the quality and style of fare offered. The waitress performed her job in an efficient, but not cold fashion. The manager patrolled about the dining room asking each table whether their food was satisfactory. This would have been less off-putting had their been some ambient noise in the dining room so that each cookie-cutter inquisition wasn’t plainly audible to all and sundry. Indeed, the only ambient sound in the nearly empty dining room was the sound of sports on a television drifting in from the lounge. The visual aspect of the dining room could also use improvement. The layout gives the impression of an airport terminal, with long rows of booths lining the walls. During the summer, bright outside light continues to flood the dining room from the lobby well into the evening hours, which this diner found to be somewhat unsettling.

Ribeye Medium Rare

On the whole, it must be said that the experience was largely positive.


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~ by doctorpopeye on July 27, 2011.

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